Retail Digital Banking

When personalization is a driver and knowing your customer becomes critical to gain an advantage, our platform provides what you need and more important, allows total control and knowledge of how, what and when to communicate to your customers.

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Corporate Banking/ Cash Management

A comprehensive platform that supports the needs of SME with a full stack of services that grow gradually up to the needs of corporate banking with complex structures and large volume of transactions.

Our platform is being used by some of the biggest corporates worlwide.

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Digital Modular Banking

A modular approach that allows you to customize and select what you really need and want to enhance. From event based marketing to new channels or accessing real time data, everything on premise.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Innofis Data Analytics Solutions enable you to obtain business value from all your data.

Access real time data about your business to manage it efficiently.

Know your customers better to anticipate what they need each time.

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